Parenting Workshops

Let's Talk About It will facilitate free, in-person interactive workshops with Lab parents/guardians, focusing on methods of connecting with and relating to their children in today's challenging world. They will discuss how to manage behaviors displayed by the youth of today and how to hold them responsible for (i.e., accountability, opposition, respect, personality, organization, media addiction, kindness, etc.), and the impact of child and adolescent development in relation to all of these behaviors as they mature.

Upcoming dates:


  • Wednesday, September 21st at Upper School Campus (for parents/guardians of 6th-8th Grade), 6pm - 8 pm: REGISTER HERE


  • Wednesday, September 28th at Upper School Campus (for parents/guardians of 9th-11th Grade),6pm - 8pm REGISTER HERE
Questions? Contact Lab's Family Advocate, Mr. Buggs, [email protected]


  • Wednesday, September 14, 6-8pm at Lower School Campus (for parents/guardians of K-5th Grades),