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Jasmine Wooten

Jasmine Wooten is originally from the Delaware/Pennsylvania area. She earned her BA in English- Writing from Kean University in New Jersey. After completing her undergraduate degree, Jasmine went on to join the 2016 Teach for America Delaware Corps, teaching high school English. During her time in the corps, Jasmine earned her Master of Art in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. In 2020, Jasmine relocated here to Charlotte to continue her journey. This is Jasmine’s 6th year of teaching and she is eager to step into her new role at Charlotte Lab School to continue providing students with a joyful, yet rigorous, learning environment. 

Trying new things is important to Jasmine! She is a Yelp Elite so just know that she is taking pictures of everything to prepare to review! She enjoys talking to her family and seeing them during breaks as they live far away. Jasmine enjoys traveling and is awaiting the day when we can do that freely. Her goal is to try things at least once, except skydiving.