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Gianna LaBrocca

Gianna LaBrocca (Jee-Aw-Na La-Brock-Uh) is a brand-new member of the Charlotte Lab Family. As a first-generation student, she proudly received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts and Literature (Teaching) from Winona State University in December of 2021.

Ms. L was born and raised in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota and she moved to Charlotte earlier this year. Although she misses her family and friends in the Midwest, Ms. L has been enjoying her time exploring a new part of the country—the highlights being Dollywood, Surf City, and Charlotte’s Greenway. She looks forward to visiting the Whitewater Center soon.

The human condition, or the shared principles of humanity, is at the forefront of Ms. L’s teaching philosophy. She deeply believes in the importance of connection in all its forms. She strives to facilitate a classroom environment in which students find connection within themselves, between each other, and with the world around them through literature and language. Ms. L cannot wait to learn and grow alongside her students this year!