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Savannah Raynor

Hello! My name is Savannah Lese, but you can call me, Sav! I am so excited to be joining Charlotte Lab School as the Upper School Counselor. I hope to apply my extensive knowledge in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Systems Theory to collaborate with parents, kiddos, and faculty. I am a provisionally licensed Master's Marriage and Family Therapist from East Carolina University, where I also earned my Bachelor's in Recreational Therapy and minors in Human Development and Family Sciences and Psychology. I specialized in the applications of Systems and Postmodern Family Therapy theories in integrated care and clinical settings, working with individuals in all stages of life. I plan on guiding my treatment and assessment through a more comprehensive Biopsychosocial spiritual framework, continuing to provide gender affirming care and mindfulness based practices. I also have my 200 Registered Yoga Teacher license, which I hope to incorporate with my Charlotte Lab kiddos.