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Lab Primary School

Charlotte Lab School Primary Campus Charlotte Lab Primary School serves students in grades K-1, where we nurture our earliest learners’ natural curiosity and create the foundation for deep thinkers, lifelong learners, and compassionate community members. 
We know primary students excel when teaching includes repetition, play, and a safe and secure environment in which to grow, learn, and make mistakes. Our school believes in educating and supporting students’ minds, bodies, and hearts through explicit teaching of mindfulness practices, executive functioning skills, and social-emotional wellbeing.
Our staff and student body are built to be intentionally diverse across a spectrum of qualities and characteristics. We value diversity in perspective and experiences and know how important it is that students see themselves reflected in their teachers. Our curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach so students are introduced to a broad variety of ideas, knowledge, and concepts in the context of the real world around them. This includes our partial immersion program where students engage in Spanish or Mandarin instruction daily. We introduce and explore in hands on ways, whether it’s raising chickens, growing a garden, or designing additions to the playground; all of which helps students find and pursue their personal interests and passions that can be built upon in their later education and personal lives.
Head of Primary School: