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Lab Lower School

Charlotte Lab School Lower School CampusThe Lower School serves students in grades 2-5, providing a personalized learning experience that encourages curiosity, risk-taking, innovation, and creativity. We develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by engaging students in real-world problem solving and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning.
The Lower Schools is fiercely student-centered with a focus on the whole child. Through our advisory program, we focus on each child's social and emotional well-being and teach them how to be aware of and manage their own social and emotional needs. Students regularly analyze and reflect on their learning to understand their learning process and identify areas for growth.
The Lower School also focuses on community building and restorative justice practices. Charlotte Lab School is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive student body, with all races, genders, and walks of life welcome. Likewise, our staff mimics our students' diversity, enabling students to see themselves reflected in the educators they build relationships with. Our academic curricula are rooted in experiential learning. Teachers provide a rigorous educational experience that pushes traditional knowledge boundaries by allowing students to explore, create, and think outside the box. We offer various hands-on options that enable students to connect what they learn at school to the real world.