Overall Health and Wellness

In advisory, our SEL pillar for the month is self-awareness, and we are beginning our unit on Identity. Focusing on identity at the start of 5th grade sets the foundation for our Morningside Curriculum; in addition to helping our students learn about their peers,  and celebrate each other’s differences. We have recently partnered with Sun Counseling and Wellness, and one of their Clinicians, Kayla Jones, created a Video that provides tips and suggestions around talking to our youth about this topic. We will be showing our students this video, and having a follow up discussion in our advisory next week.


The pandemic has impacted our students, families, and teachers, in a variety of ways. Look Here to learn more about how to care for our students that might have experienced or are experiencing trauma during this time.


We are still in a period of the unknown, and we are not 100% sure how this past year has impacted us. If you want to listen to a mindfulness podcast, or explore other resources that could create calmness, look at Resources on this website.