Primary School Updates

Valentine’s Day Celebrations -Each homeroom will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Mon., Feb 14th.  Classes will decorate bags to collect their Valentine’s in and also have a chance to give out Valentine’s. If your child choose to give out Valentine’s, we ask that all students in the homeroom be included.  Due to COVID safety and masking, we are asking for no treats or candy this year.  Be on the lookout in your grade level TWI for information on donating materials for making Valentine’s Day bags. Families will also receive homeroom rosters (first names and last initials only) by Fri, Feb 4th. 


If your child tests positive for COVID - it would be hugely helpful for our guidance for your family and contact tracing efforts if families could please 1) email as soon as possible, 2) share the date your child tested positive, and 3) let us know if they are experiencing any symptoms.  We will be able to give you the best guidance on returning to school with this information AND help keep others in our community safe.


Opt In for Weekly Pool Testing - we encourage all families to opt in for our weekly testing program.  It is a 2 step process. 1) Sign up here and use this code for Primary School: 6W3W1S. 2) You will then receive an email with a link to fill out and complete your registration. 

How it works: participants are visited in their classrooms by a nurse on Wednesday mornings. The student sanitizes their hands, runs a swab around each nostril four times and places the swab in a tube with the rest of the class. They get more hand sanitizer and return to classroom activity. On Thursdays, the school is notified if any tubes had positive tests. If so, we return to that class on Friday to provide a rapid test to participants to determine who the positive case is.  If you have additional questions please contact: Melody Franklin or Becky Wenrich