Lower School Updates

Progress Reports: Your child should arrive home on Friday with their Quarter 2 Progress Report. Please send the envelope back to the school with your scholar on Monday. 


MAP Testing:  Mid-Year MAP testing will take place for all lower school students the week of January 31.  Read our MAP Testing Letter for more information about MAP testing and a full schedule of testing dates.


Opt In for Weekly Pool Testing - we encourage all families to opt in for our weekly testing program.  It is a 2 step process. 1) Sign up here and use the code for Lower School. 2) You will then receive an email with a link to fill out and complete your registration. 


Masks: Please continue to send your child to school with two face-masks. Current data indicates that K-95 provides the greatest level of protection.  

If your child tests positive for COVID : Please assist us with attendance tracking and contact tracing by 

Emailing dserrano@charlottelabschool.org

Sharing the date your child tested positive

Letting us know if they are experiencing any symptoms

Questions/Concerns: Please continue to reach out to your child’s advisor if you have questions or concerns.  You may also email Lower School HOS, Paul Barnhardt, pbarnhardt@charlottelabschool.org. 


1:1 Technology: Please review the letter that was sent to families by email on Wednesday, January 24 with details and resources.  We are encouraging families to discontinue sending children with personal devices (BYOD Policy) beginning Monday, January 31. 


TWI: Remember to review This Week In… each week for the most up to date grade level specific news.  TWI is found by clicking the links on the right side of the Lower School landing page, also found by clicking the green arrow below.


FIFTH GRADE FAMILIES: Please read this welcome letter from Lab Middle School and registration for an upcoming Open House Event at Lab Middle School on Tuesday, Feb. 8.


Valentine’s Day / Friendship Celebration: Each homeroom will celebrate Valentine’s Day / Friendship on Mon, Feb 14th.  Classes will decorate bags to collect their Valentine’s and also have a chance to give out Valentine’s. If your child chooses to give out Valentine’s, we ask that all students in the homeroom be included.  Due to COVID safety and masking, we request no treats or candy this year. Families will also receive homeroom rosters (first names and last initials only) by Fri, Feb 4th.