Masks and Safety

Please continue to send students to school with two masks each day.  Everyone in our buildings, buses and other indoor functions must wear a mask .  50% of Lab families have completed the Community Pledge. Please complete this today!

Students will have regular mask-breaks and do not wear masks during lunch and snack breaks. During these breaks there will be limited talking and whenever possible, social distancing and clear polycarbonate dividers are used.

After being in school for two weeks we have seen a few scenarios that we would like to address:

  • Please bring a back-up mask to school. Masks are occasionally dropped or may need to be swapped out during the later part of the day; 

  • There are no classrooms where mask wearing is an exception regardless of social distancing seat placement; 

  • Masks should be worn over nose, mouth and chin;
  • People should not “walk and snack” as contact tracing cannot be conducted when mask-free people are mobile; 

  • Students should be reminded to wear their masks as they come indoors after a recess;*

  • While Lab does have disposable masks available, these should only be viewed as a back-up. Families should be sending students into school with two masks every day.

*At this time, Lab has made masks optional outdoors, but this could change based on guidance from the CDC and StrongSchools NC Toolkit.