Middle School Updates

End of year reminders:
  • Deadline for all make-up work is 5/31.
  • Upon the conclusion of the EOGs/EOCs, no new instruction will be delivered. Students will have time to complete make-up work and will be involved in year-end celebration and culminating activities.

EOG/EOC Testing Updates:

    • HERE is the complete EOG/EOG Schedule; Upcoming remote learning days (during EOG/EOC testing): EOG/EOC testing and remote learning schedule
    • 5/24: 6th-8th gr in remote learning 
      • Students will use that day to continue with EOG prep work or finish make-up work and end-of-year projects;
      • All work will be posted in google classroom;
      • Teachers will be available for hour-long help sessions. Zoom links will be provided.
    • 5/25: 6th-8th Reading EOG
      • Students should either leave phones at home or be prepared to turn them in upon arrival. No other devices, including watches and headphones are allowed.
      • Students may bring water, a book, and an easy snack.
      • The testing window times will be updated soon. Students will be involved in relaxing, non-academic activities after the EOG. You may pick up students for early dismissal, but the school is unable to call for students prior to the end of all testing in the building. 
  • 5/26: 6th-7th Math EOG, 8th Science EOG
  • 5/27-5/30: No school
5/31: 8th grade Math, 7th/8th Math I EOC. 6th-7th in remote learning (see explanation above).
EOG/EOC Testing Updates:

With online EOG and EOCs around the corner, we ask all families whose children are currently bringing their own device to school to download the NCTest App.   This enables your child to take their EOGs or EOCs on their personal devices; students with school devices already have this App installed.  To do this:

  • Follow this link on your child’s device: https://center.ncsu.edu/ncinstruct/
  • Select the platform that your child’s device uses (Chromebook, Windows, Mac) and click “Submit”
  • Follow the steps to install the app
  • If you have questions about testing, please email Mrs. Tunick
8th grade moving up: 8th grade teachers are planning fun activities to celebrate our graduating 8th grade class. Look for information to come in the next week for activities on Jun 1- 3.

Edukit/School Supplies for 2022-23

Lab has again partnered with Edukit to offer prepackaged school supply kits for next school year. Kits include the exact teacher requested supplies and ships directly to the school before the first day of class if ordered before June 20. Supply kits will be delivered to your student’s campus (Primary or Lower School). Last chance orders placed from June 21 - August 1 will be delivered to your home before school begins, and will incur an additional fee. 

Rising Grades K-8: For best pricing, go to the Edukit website (https://www.edukitinc.com) and search for Charlotte Lab School (be sure to choose your child's grade level for next year).

If you choose to purchase school supplies on your own, please bring them to the Meet the Teacher night in August (dates will be published over the summer). A supply list for each grade can be found here.

Rising Grades 9-11: Grade and class-specific supply lists will be published prior to the start of the school year.