Middle School Updates

Thank you students, staff and families for your support during our mid-year reset. Today was a GREAT day being back on campus with all grade levels and I’m so proud of the positivity with which our students are embracing the new year and new expectations. We are excited to share:
  • Our space has been reconfigured to create a safer, calmer environment and to better support student movement;
  • We will be launching a new discipline tracking system for 3rd quarter that will enable us to better partner with families; 
  • We are working to establish a more positive, engaging, and empowering student culture. 
MAP Testing will be happening next week, on Wednesday 1/19 and Thursday 1/20, to provide us with mid-year academic progress data. Read more about MAP Testing at the Upper School here. 
  • Gamer Girls: Calling all 8th grade girls interested in Sports and video game design. The Dottie Rose Foundation is looking for a small cohort of 8th grade girls to enroll in their 10-week course to learn the ins and outs of gaming. More information can be found here.