Letter from Charlotte Lab Board of Directors

Dear Charlotte Lab family -

As I reflect on the 2021-22 school year, in many ways it has felt like a scary roller coaster. We had to navigate many pandemic related challenges- from the struggles many students faced as they returned to school in person to the challenges teachers faced supporting students and families with readjusting to “The Lab Way” to the toll the pandemic has taken on the mental health of all of us. And while we have been facing multiple Covid-19 resurgences, we have also been dealing with global unrest, concerns about school safety and gun violence as well as our individual daily struggles.  It has been quite a ride. 

However, the year has also been filled with deeper connections within the Charlotte Lab family, moments of celebration and much gratitude for being part of such an amazing community. A few highlights for me include: 

  • Upper School has deepened Lab’s impact in our community by connecting over 65 students with over 40 community partners who have needs that can be fulfilled by internship and project based opportunities which has allowed Lab students to build skills and gain real work experience. 
  • Dr. Moss, middle school teachers, staff and parents have worked incredibly hard during this school year as we navigated staff shortages. Middle School will be welcoming a new school leader for the upcoming school year and we’re looking forward to what’s on the horizon for middle school. 
  • Lower School students had an opportunity to meet Mayor Vi Lyles who graciously made time to talk with them about her path to political leadership and inspired our students to believe they can pursue any path in life they choose. 
  • Primary School successfully held its inaugural field day celebrating the hard work of kindergarten and first graders with help from staff and parent volunteers. 
  • We received over 1250 applications for the 2022-23 school year. 
  • This year Charlotte Lab was the recipient of one of the Best of the Best (BOB) awards given by Charlotte Magazine. 
  • During our inaugural Board Listening Sessions, we heard many families express their commitment to and belief in Charlotte Lab. Many families shared that the school has uniquely met the needs of their students and how grateful they were for the space to share celebrations, questions and concerns with the Board.

As the 2021-22 school year comes to a close, I am grateful that we’re taking this journey to reimagine what school can be together, as a community.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to extend my deepest appreciation to all of you for being a member of this community.  We hope you all have a great and safe summer and look forward to seeing you in the next school year! 


Rashida Lopez Morgan

Board Chair

Charlotte Lab School Board of Directors