School Nutrition Update


Nutrition updates: 

Here are some of our “pro-tips” for using LinqConnect!

  1. Student ID’s are no longer needed to add your child! Simply use their first and last names.
  2. If your student is not showing up, try reversing their name (enter their last name as their first name and their first name as their last name!) This has worked for several parents–it seems to be an accidental switch that happened when Linq uploaded all of our students (we apologize for that inconvenience).
  3. If you were approved for reduced meal pricing, your student will eat lunch for FREE this school year (per NC Department of Public Instruction)! You should see the change reflected in your meal balance on Linq. If you still need to create a LinqConnect account or feel that you qualify for free/reduced meals, please follow this link and the instructions to get started:
Please note: If you received an email regarding a high lunch balance that may have accumulated since last school year, you should see a change in your meal balance as well–we were able to clear our previous balances, leaving only current balances for this school year. We hope that helps.

Any additional questions? Please email [email protected] or reach us at (704) 235-3060




We are currently working through some glitches with our LinqConnect system where students who qualify for free lunch are showing a balance; we're working with Linq to get that rectified in the coming weeks. Please disregard any balance notifications you may receive in the meantime--your child will still be able to eat school meals.