Tyto Care - Lab Partnership with Novant Health

Step 1: Registration required to participate. Insurance or Medicaid information will be provided during registration; Novant will use this for billing purposes.

Step 2: If your student is experiencing any of these symptoms, they may visit the front office. The Campus Ops Manager or School Nurse will determine if they need to be seen by a Tyto care provider.

Step 3: The school will call a parent/guardian requesting permission and alerting them that they will be present for the visit via video call link. 


Step 4: The Tyto Care visit starts: watch this video to see this example video (no audio)

Step 5:  Depending on the diagnosis, the child may need to be picked up from school. If that is the case, the parent or guardian will be called by the school.
Step 5: The parent/guardian will receive email updates from Novant MyChart, including billing information.
See below for more information about the program! If you have other questions, please contact Lab Family Advocate, Derick Buggs at [email protected].
Tyto care flier
When your child has a common, non-emergency condition like asthma, a
sore throat or allergies, it often means long waits for doctor’s
appointments, causing you to miss work and your child to miss school.
Not anymore! We’re proud to partner with TytoCare to offer all of our
students the best school-based healthcare available today. This FDA-
approved solution allows your child to receive immediate, quality, on-site
care including exams conducted by a trained school staff member and
guided remotely by a certified physician. The doctor can see and hear the
exams and get the clinical data needed for diagnosis and treatment, and
even issue prescriptions when needed.
With TytoCare, your child receives immediate care whenever needed – no
waiting for appointments, and no missed school and work.  
Scan the QR code above or use this LINK to register.
If you have other questions, please contact Lab Family Advocate, Derick Buggs at [email protected]