Student Birthdays

Families are invited to celebrate their children’s birthdays at school keeping in mind the following policies: 

  • Birthday celebrations should be arranged, in advance, with your child’s Advisor (so that he/she can inform other students’ parents and provide you with an accurate count);
  • Any treats should be brought in for, and enjoyed during, a child’s regularly scheduled Advisory time 8:15-8:45am (please contact your child’s advisor);
  • All treats must be NUT-FREE;
  • You may also join your child for lunch on his/her birthday however you are asked NOT to bring treats during lunchtime.

If you do not want your child to participate in birthday celebrations for other children please communicate that request with your child’s Advisor.  If your child has an allergy or other food restriction please make arrangements with your child’s Advisor in order to provide an alternate treat during birthday or other Advisory celebrations.