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Laura Soto

Hello! I am Laura Soto, IB MYP certified Spanish teacher, and I will be
teaching Spanish at Charlotte Lab’s Upper School. I am from Mexico and
have been living in the United States with my family for the last six years.

I have ten years of experience in education. I taught English and
Science (1st – 6th ) in Mexico, and Spanish from (5th - 8th) in the United
States. I have designed and collaborated in the Spanish curriculum (5th -8th )
for Socrates Academy, and the Spanish curriculum (6th -8th ) for Union Day
School. I’m still pursuing more ways for continued education growth. 
Although I have a major in Dentistry, I decided to follow my passion,
I love being with my family, watching movies and meditating.  I am a
married woman and a happy mother of two daughters, Dani (23), Arantxa